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My app ranked #3 on Product Hunt - here's how

I recently came up with an idea to make a simple Image to PDF converter. So I decided to give it a go & started looking for an open-source project on which I can build upon. I found one & used it as a base for my app. It took me less than 6 hours to complete the app along with designing the logo, completing the store listing, publishing it on Play Store & scheduling a launch on Product Hunt.

The app was initially scheduled to launch on Friday but there was some error with the initial version published so I fixed the bug, updated the app & rescheduled the launch to be on Saturday 10th Dec.

Here are a few points (in no particular order) that I believe helped me gain the #3 spot:

- scheduling it 2 days before the launch

- making a pre-launch banner so that it can be showcased in the "Coming soon" section (got over 8-10 followers before the launch)

- completing the details needed thoroughly

- sharing it on social media (like a lot) - launching on a "low-traffic" day - being on Product Hunt since the very beginning (learned a lot)

I hope you find this information handy.

P.S.: Here's the product I am talking about:


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